What are Microaggressions?

Microaggressions are not always intentional! Sometimes they don't know! It's essential to inform and educate so that we can address microaggressions that may lead to blatant discrimination. 


How to be Anti-Racist

There is so much amazing literature written just for those ready to be anti-racist. Click the link below to be directed to an anti-racist book list. 



Anti-Racist Book list

Microaggressions Escalate

Addressing microaggressions in places like work, school, businesses, restaurants, and casual conversations is where the work to end the dangerous cycle starts! Ignoring those everyday stereotypes and never calling them out may unconsciously plant seeds in society's minds. 

Why not?


Juneteenth: Our Other Independence Day
Two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation, American slavery came to an end and a celebration of freedom was born.